How Much Should a Research Cost?

feature--2Most researchers will think that it simple to support most of the proposals in another report by a National Academies board given that the council calls for spending through many billions of new public and private dollars every year on research, training, and infrastructure at the country’s world class universities. Continue Reading →

The Vital Role of Research in Technology

feature--1Research plays a vital role in Technology Development, through research, it will provide additional ideas and securer the safety results of ongoing projects to arrived the facts needed. Continue Reading →

The Advantage of a well Researched Technology

feature--3Research was indeed a pre-requisite and would sometimes cost as much as the whole project in order to prove the theories and other possibilities of the product or service that will be produced. Having a well researched technology will ensure that the product or new technology will be more of providing good than harm, hence should be produced and promoted. Continue Reading →